New CAJE was founded in 1976 with an intention to “change the landscape of Jewish education in the US and beyond.”

Thirty-two years later, they continue to enliven their mission through educational resources, the Jewish Educator Journal, a vibrant community of artists, educators, innovators and large annual gatherings to fortify the Jewish community around the world. The Summer of NewCAJE Conference begins July 6 and extends through August 2.

On July 30, serendipitously on Tisha B’Av, the Center for Contemporary Mussar has been invited to fill the afternoon with classes by Rabbi Ira Stone, Nancy Axelrod, Sonia Voynow, and Carol Daniels. As we know, Tisha B’Av is a day of mourning and commemoration for the destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem. While some restrictions prohibit certain study on this day, Sandra Lilienthal from NewCAJE shared the following subjects which are encouraged for study:

  • What is Tisha B’Av all about, and why celebrate it after the birth of the State of Israel?
  • What was the Temple in Jerusalem, what did it look like, and what happened there?
  • How does Tisha B’Av relate to what is going on today?
  • What are Jewish ethics, and what does Judaism teach about ethical behavior and how to deepen our own moral characters through Mussar?
  • How can we create a Jewish world without Sinat Chinam (roughly translated: hating other Jews)?

Whether you’ll be fasting or not, we welcome all to join in this important contemplation beginning at 2:10 PM ET with Rabbi Stone, “What is Mussar and What Makes the Pursuit of Character Development Jewish.”

Followed by the offerings at 3:10 PM ET where you may choose from:

  • “Bringing Honor to Others Through the Middah of Savlanut/Patience,” with Nancy Axelrod
  • “Hessed (Lovingkindness),” with Rabbi Stone
  • “Menuchat Ha-Nefesh: Strengthening your ability to stay balanced in a chaotic world,” with Sonia Voynow
  • “Silence and Mindful Speech,” with Carol Daniels.

For a full schedule of events or to register, please visit the NewCAJE website here.

While there is a fee to register for most of the NewCAJE Summer Conference, the offerings on Tisha B’Av are free.