In my third year of Mussar study, we were asked to look at a challenging relationship in our life. For me it was a daughter-in-law of more than twenty years, who I always thought was angry with me. After a year of considering her wounds, I was able to initiate a non-defensive conversation with her. Hearing her, I told her how sorry I was for times I had hurt her and that I really do love her and appreciate the wife and mother she is. I told her I hoped we could start anew; it’s now been more than two years and all is well.

When people would ask me how I, as a Reform Jew, practice Judaism in my daily life, I never knew how to respond . . . until I had participated in Mussar. For me, this will be a lifelong practice, but one that brings a conscious awareness of Jewish thinking on a daily basis. 
Jean Adelsman

Our Mussar study is providing me a “mindfulness” alternative in a Jewish tradition. My desire to live an ever more meaningful life led me to search for a better understanding of God’s will for me. Mussar is satisfying my quest.
John Ourisman

Mussar has proven to be a true life companion. I see changes occurring in long held patterns, particularly in the realm of patience. I see myself available to others, receiving feedback that this is true, and yet I understand when self-care is needed and appropriate. In other words, Mussar, as taught by CCM, provides a language and a framework for creating a healthy soul container while acting in our fragmented world.
Martha Hare

In a challenging situation, I ask myself how I should respond from a “Mussar” perspective and that self-reflection helps me to react in a more caring and generous way. I have also been enriched by the relationships I have formed with my study partners and teachers – meaningful bonds with wonderful people.
Debbie Levin

Foundations of Mussar

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Summer 2022 Classes

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Foundations I with Helene Kates

Monday Afternoons
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM ET
June 13 – August 15, 2022

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Spring 2022 Classes

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Seeds of Mussar with Sandi Kirschner

Wednesday Afternoons
4:15 PM – 5:45 PM ET
April 27 – June 1, 2022

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Accepting Students

Seeds of Mussar with Martha Hare

Wednesdays on ZOOM
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM ET
May 4 – June 1, 2022

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