In my third year of Mussar study, we were asked to look at a challenging relationship in our life. For me it was a daughter-in-law of more than twenty years, who I always thought was angry with me. After a year of considering her wounds, I was able to initiate a non-defensive conversation with her. Hearing her, I told her how sorry I was for times I had hurt her and that I really do love her and appreciate the wife and mother she is. I told her I hoped we could start anew; it’s now been more than two years and all is well.

When people would ask me how I, as a Reform Jew, practice Judaism in my daily life, I never knew how to respond . . . until I had participated in Mussar. For me, this will be a lifelong practice, but one that brings a conscious awareness of Jewish thinking on a daily basis. 
Jean Adelsman

Our Mussar study is providing me a “mindfulness” alternative in a Jewish tradition. My desire to live an ever more meaningful life led me to search for a better understanding of God’s will for me. Mussar is satisfying my quest.
John Ourisman

Mussar has proven to be a true life companion. I see changes occurring in long held patterns, particularly in the realm of patience. I see myself available to others, receiving feedback that this is true, and yet I understand when self-care is needed and appropriate. In other words, Mussar, as taught by CCM, provides a language and a framework for creating a healthy soul container while acting in our fragmented world.
Martha Hare

In a challenging situation, I ask myself how I should respond from a “Mussar” perspective and that self-reflection helps me to react in a more caring and generous way. I have also been enriched by the relationships I have formed with my study partners and teachers – meaningful bonds with wonderful people.
Debbie Levin

Classes Open To New Students

Seeds of Mussar

New to Mussar? We invite you to join this five week introductory course to learn the concepts and tools of Mussar practice as developed by CCM. Students will learn to create stronger and more positive relationships in every sphere of their lives. Awaken to Jewish Spirituality that is compassionate, generous, and life affirming.

Seeds of Mussar: Five Week Introductory Workshop

Madricha: Karen Kripke 

Online Zoom Class – Every Thursday
Meets 1:00 – 2:30 PM ET • August 6 – September 3, 2020
Course SU20-SD-TH-KK  –  Course Fee: $100  

If you’re interested in the next upcoming Seeds of Mussar class please reach out to us at 

Seeds of Mussar for Hazzanim/Cantors

Madrichah: Hazzan Naomi Hirsch 

Online Zoom Class – Every Thursday
Meets 7:30 – 9:00 PM ET • August 20 – September 17, 2020
Course SU20-SD-TH-KK  –  Course Fee: $100  


Open Community Class (will resume in August – dates to be announced)

Nefesh Ha’Hayyim with Rabbi Ira Stone 

In light of the fact that many of us are now in various stages of social isolation Rabbi Stone is offering the community an opportunity to learn some Torah and Mussar together via Zoom. Beginning Thursday, March 26 at 1PM Eastern time and continuing through the pandemic. He is teaching from the text, Nefesh HaHayyim by Rabbi Hayyim of Volozhen, with hope this will provide some solace for those of us dealing with the isolation of this present crisis.


If you are looking for a teacher or would like to start a new group please contact us.