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Dear Chevre,


In light of the fact that many of us are now in various stages of social isolation I would like to offer to our community the opportunity to learn some Torah and Mussar together via Zoom, beginning Thursday March 26 at 1PM Eastern time. The text I will be teaching is Nefesh HaHayyim by Rabbi Hayyim of Volozhen. I hope this will provide some solace for those of us dealing with the isolation of this present crisis.

The best edition of Nefesh HaHayyim is actually published under the title Nefesh Ha Tzimzum by Urim Press translated by Avinoam Fraenkel. It comes in two volumes, the second volume containing essays on various subjects.The first volume is all you need for the text itself, though the choice is yours. I am not expecting everyone to purchase the text and I hope to be able to have the text on the screen for our sessions.

Rabbi Stone

Service in Action

During these challenging times, let us reach out in prayer and practice to those in most need.

Stability with Mussar

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