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The Center for Contemporary Mussar, founded in Philadelphia, offers online classes in Mussar texts, theology, and practice to students across the world. Explore this ancient and innovative way to invoke your highest self in service, invigorate your relationships, and repair the world.

If you are interested in beginning your Mussar Journey with the Center for Contemporary Mussar, please click on our New Class Interest Form.

We invite you to join us for the Center for Contemporary Mussar Practice Lab!

The date for CCM’s next Practice Lab – facilitated by Dr. Beulah Trey, CCM Mashgiach Ruchani/Director of Curriculum and Practice and Rabbi Joshua Boettiger, CCM Associate Rosh Yeshiva – will be Tuesday, June 7th. The Theme/Focus of the June Lab is “The Relationship Between Mussar and Meditation.” Come with your experiences and questions!

Please note that this will be the last Practice Lab session of the season, as we will be taking a break until the Fall.

No need to RSVP or pay anything. We are envisioning this as something that interested community members can come to once or twice or regularly if you like – just come and let’s explore our practice of Mussar together.

For more information, or to receive the Zoom link, click here.


Develop a daily and weekly practice based on individual study, journaling, text study with a partner and work in a Mussar va’ad, a class of like-minded seekers, with a trained teacher, a madrich or madrichah.


Approach traditional Jewish sources through the groundbreaking contemporary thinking of Rabbi Stone and his students, which opens up new possibilities for old terms, such as God, Torah and the Jewish people.


In a small setting, share with others who are learning how to make “Love your neighbor as yourself” the cornerstone of their lives — discover that joy and holiness happen in those moments when we are fully present to others.

Mussar: Transforming Lives & Relationships


  • Are you looking for a spiritual practice that will take you beyond a focus on yourself?

  • Are you looking for an approach to Judaism, informed by tradition, but which you can make your own?

  • Are you looking for a program that allows for authentic and sustained connection with others on the journey?

Mussar, as shared by the Center for Contemporary Mussar, is an intensive, innovative, and intimate spiritual practice that will enable you to transform yourself and your relationships, allowing you to live a moral life of responsible service to others…

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