Classes for Grads and Madrichim — 2021-2022

Lectures on Levinas 

Accepting New Students

With Rabbi Ira Stone

One of the unique aspects of the Center for Contemporary Mussar’s approach was developed by using the philosophic lens of Emmanuel Levinas. He was born in Lithuania, but studied in France, where he eventually made his permanent home. His emphasis on the obligation to bear the “other” as our responsibility runs through much of CCM’s material. This bi-weekly course will trace the main lines of Levinas’ philosophic thought through his specific Judaic essays and commentaries. The centrality of ethics in his philosophical approach, derived in part from his Judaic background, provides a unique lens through which to view traditional Mussar texts and practice.

Every other Thursday On Zoom, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET
September 30 – December 23, 2021
Enroll now — Fee $180 


Madrich Training

Madrichot: Nancy Axelrod and Sonia Voynow

The CCM Madrich Training Program is a two-part Zoom training for CCM graduates who feel called to teach Mussar to others. In the first 11-week series, participants will learn to teach the Seeds of Mussar and Foundation-level courses, focusing on CCM theory and practice of kibbush, group facilitation, text study and va’ad leadership.  The second, advanced Madrich Training on Transformations-level courses will focus on the tikkun and Zikkui haRabbim (taking Mussar out into the world) components of CCM’s curriculum. Participants will attend 2-hour classes, study in chevruta, and engage in text study, journaling, and mentoring with faculty. 

Online Zoom Class, Thursdays, 3:00 – 5:00 pm ET

October 7 – December 16, 2021

Enroll Now — $350 per semester

*This class is full. For more information on future Madrich Training courses please contact

Post-Graduate Tikkun Va’ad 

Accepting New Students

Madrich: Rabbi Ira Stone

Over two semesters, students will study Tomer Devorah, Chapters 2-4, and continue their personal explorations in a weekly Tikkun Va’ad. The class will be limited to ten students.

Rabbi Stone’s and Dr. Trey’s book, In Search of the Holy Life: Rediscovering the Kabbalistic Roots of Mussar took CCM students through Chapter 1 of Tomer Devorah. Rabbi Stone and Dr. Trey have continued their translation and commentary, which will be available to students of this class as a pre-publication PDF. The class will delve deeply into the text, which follows the structure of the sefirot––the emanation of divinity into the world––and will examine our crucial role in this ongoing process.

Thursdays on Zoom, 5:30 — 7:00 PM ET

October 21, 2021 – January 27, 2022

(Seeking a minimum of 6 students.)

Enroll Now — Fee $245

Tomer Devorah Va’ad

Madrich: Marty Jacobs

While Mesillat Yesharim is the crucial and necessary foundation for the CCM curriculum, Tomer Devorah provides the basis for further Mussar study. Its 13 middot in chapter 1 form, in effect, a second foundation.  

Every Other Tuesday on Zoom, 7:30 — 9:30 PM ET

September 28, 2021 – December 21, 2021

Enroll Now – Fee $200

This va’ad is full.

Madrich Colloquium Series

Open to All Madrichim

New classes coming soon!

No Fee

Convened by Rabbi Ira Stone, Dr. Beulah Trey and the management team. Each session will feature a teaching about a text and/or practice, presentation to increase madrich knowledge from their experience, content and items to support Center for Contemporary Mussar, teaching dialogues and organizational growth. Committing to the series is a professional and organizational development series that develops a robust community of practice. Communities of practice have been defined as “groups of people who share a passion about a topic and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an ongoing basis.”