CCM’s Unique Classes

The Center for Contemporary Mussar offers introductory and continuing classes that focus on foundational Mussar texts, theology and practice.

Classes are small, so that everyone has access to their fellow va’ad (group) members and their madrich/a (leader).

We feature distance learning, using a free videoconferencing platform, as well as in-person classes.

Classes are taught by trained, certified madrichim, who have gone through our four-year program, followed by a year of Teacher Training. All madrichim receive continued supervision from our most experienced staff members.

Each two-hour class is divided into a shi’ur, lesson, and va’ad, group work. We use a variety of modalities, including meditation, breath work and artistic expression.

Students commit for a semester at a time; a complete curriculum is offered over a period of four years.

For information about specific classes, see Our Current Catalog.


During a cholera epidemic, Rabbi Salanter, founder of the Mussar movement, forbade his congregants from fasting on Yom Kippur that year, so that they not become susceptible to the dreaded disease. After the Morning Prayer, Rabbi Salanter himself ascended the pulpit with a cup of wine and a piece of cake in his hands, said the blessings, and ate and drank where all could see him.